Hourly rate-----------$25/hour,  $30/hour Sat/Sun,  $35 holidays

Senior 65+-----------$20/hour,  $25/hour Sat/Sun,   $30 holidays

Food pick-up(fast food)--------$4.75 pick-up/drop fee plus $0.75 per mile (any resturaunt with-in Pinellas & Hillsborough counties) 

Active duty/veterans-----10% discount

Referral Discount-------20% off total amount

Gift/Holiday certificates available for services (hrs can be used within 12 month period. No refunds on unused time. 

Please inquire for milage rates for errands.

***Prices are subject to mileage charge(over 10 miles from office)***

**Rates include labor, supplies and milage for cleaning services**


**Hr minimum required  

**Payment is required prior to service once price is agreed upon.

**Discounts can not be combined.

**If you pay for one hour but errand takes 1hr and 15 mins, you will be billed for 90 mins.

**Same day service available

**No Refunds on services or items purchased for customers.